Calculate Time Off Accrual Rates for Custom Workdays

A custom accrual rate can be set to match workdays that are less than or more than the standard 8-hour day that Zenefits assumes for default Time Off accrual calculations.

To determine the proper custom accrual rate:

(Number of days on policy * number of hours in workday) / 8 = Custom accrual rate

For example, if the policy accrues 10 days per year, and the workday is 7.5 hours long, the correct number of hours accrued in a year should be 75 hours (and not 80, as calculated by default):

10 * 7.5 / 8 = 9 .375

In this case, 9 .375 should be the accrual rate. Follow these instructions to enter this number into the Base Vacation Accrual Rate field on the Basic Policy page for a Limited Time Off policy. Make sure to enter the number exactly as calculated, with all decimal places.

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