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Creating a Customized Time Off Policy in Zenefits

In Zenefits, base plans for limited and unlimited time off policies are built and customized through a number of options.

  • During policy setup, administrators can also import existing time off balances and assign the policy to specific workers.
  • After setup is complete, Zenefits will email those workers to let them know about their new plan.
All time off policies in Zenefits support:
  • Reporting by date range, period or balances.
  • Upload existing time off balances during or after policy setup.
  • Calendar feed for direct reports (for managers only) or all subordinates (for managers and admins) that integrates with:
    • Google Calendar
    • Apple Calendar
    • Outlook
  • Automatic calculator for time off liability to be paid in last paycheck, if required by state law.

Copy and paste the below text as part of the Answer section of the email to the client.

Administrators can easily create customized time off policies in Zenefits. Existing time off balances for workers can also be imported to a custom time off policy so that time off balances stay consistent.

Once a new time off policy is created and assigned, Zenefits will send an email notifying your workers they have been added to their new policy.

For more information about creating customized time off policies, see the following page in the Zenefits Help Center!


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