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How to Create an Unlimited Time Off Policy in Zenefits

Unlimited time off policies do not have any caps on the amount of time off that a worker can use. Please see the instructions below on how to create the policy in Zenefits.

  1. Log in to Zenefits, and click Settings in the Time Off app.
  2. Click + Add Policy.
  3. Choose which holidays the company will observe. This list contains US Federal holidays by default. Add custom holidays and remove Federal holidays if desired.
  4. Enter the number of hours in a normal workday.
  5. Check each day in the week that's a workday at the company.
  6. Select what types of time off your company offers.
  7. You can add, edit, and delete the types of time off that workers can take, as well as create a label that designates which time off balance is affected by the time off type.
  8. Enter the policy's Base Accrual Rate as Unlimited Time Off.
  9. You will be prompted to enter the same selections for other Time Off Types such as Sick and Personal Leave, if they were selected. 
  10. Select the people that should be assigned to this policy. They will receive an email when setup is complete.
  11. Download the spreadsheet and reupload it to complete the import section.
    • Keep in mind that the effective date is the date on which these balances are correct and not when the policy should take effect. Zenefits uses this date to determine when the next accrual date is.
  12. Confirm the people who will be assigned this policy.
  13. Click Send Emails to complete setup.

For instructions on how to create a limited time off policy, please click here.


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