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What is an Unlimited Time Off Policy?

Unlimited time off policies are the simplest type to set up. They're the most generous, and are ideal for managing and approving requests for salaried workers.

On an unlimited plan:

  • Workers don't earn time off, and have an unlimited amount of time off available.
  • You can track requests to multiple leave types.
  • You don't have to pay workers for unused, but accrued, time off if they leave.

See this guide to set up an unlimited policy.

Zenefits' Unlimited policies support the following options:

  • Custom number of hours in each day requested; default is eight.
  • Custom days in a workweek to support non M-F workweeks so that non-work days are not factored into time-off calculations.
  • Multiple leave categories:
    • Defaults: Vacation and Sick that count as time off
    • Custom-defined categories that do or not count as time off
  • Holidays including default US Federal, custom, and floating holidays
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