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What options are supported in Zenefits Time Off?

Limited time off policies are a great way to reward salaried and hourly workers for their dedication. On a limited policy, workers accrue time off over time.

See this guide to set up a limited policy.

Zenefits' Limited Time Off policies support the following options:

  • Default accrual rate for the policy, in (eight-hour) days per year.
  • Individual accrual rate for each person, in (eight-hour) days per year.
  • Accrual period type based on payroll or other standard period, e.g, monthly or semi-monthly.
  • Annual accrual by calendar year.
    • This includes both flexible years and hire date anniversary years.
  • Accrual in advance or at conclusion of period.
  • Tenure milestones that increase accrual rates and award additional days per year based on length of employment.
  • Negative balance to allow workers to "borrow" time off ahead of accrual, with caps on maximum borrowed amount.
  • Caps on maximum total time off balance or maximum carryover to the next year.
  • Minimum Increments for time off requests, e.g., the smallest amount of time allowed for a single request.
  • Separate Sick and Personal Leave categories:
    • Capped or unlimited sick leave, with or without proration based on hire date.
    • Capped personal leave that is prorated for all hires during first year of employment based on hire date. The full amount is provided in the next year.
  • Custom number of hours in each day requested; default is eight hours. Workers will always accrue time based on eight-hour day.
  • Requests by hour, full day, or periods of days.
  • Custom days in a workweek to support non M-F workweeks so that non-work days are not factored into time-off calculations.
  • Multiple leave categories:
    • Default: Vacation, Sick, Work from Home, Jury Duty.
    • Custom-defined categories that can counts as Vacation, Sick or Personal Leave, or not at all (e.g., unpaid time off).
  • Holidays including default US Federal, custom, and floating holidays.
  • Waiting periods for both time off accrual and requests.
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