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How to Change a Negative Time Off Balance Allowance

If an administrator wants to modify a particular time off policy to either allow or disallow negative time off balances, they can do so in the Settings tab of the Time Off app.

  • First, you'll select the appropriate plan (Vacation, Sick Leave, or Personal Leave) from Time Off Rules option in the left hand menu.
  • Once you start editing the plan, you will have the option to turn negative balances on or off, as well as set a maximum negative balance for time off hours.
  • If you want to change the negative balance settings for all of your time off plans, you will need to change each plan individually.

If an administrator needs to make a one time adjustment to a negative time off balance, please follow the steps on the Adjusting Time Off Hours article.

This will not change the current balances. If the admin changes the setting to no longer allow negative balances, the system will ensure that there are no negative balances going forward.

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