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Adding a Custom Base Accrual Rate to a Limited Time Off Policy

Since custom accrual rates are set at the policy level, companies with different work schedules for different groups of workers should create a separate policy for each group.

  1. Calculate the desired custom accrual rate based on the policy's workday length.
  2. Start the Limited Policy setup as normal.
  3. On the Base Policy page, instead of entering the number of desired days per year (e.g., 10) into the Base Vacation Accrual Rate field, enter the custom rate, and fill out the rest of the policy's basic settings as desired.
  4. On the Work Schedule page, enter the desired workday length.
  5. Complete the policy setup as normal.

To adjust the accrual rate of a current policy to match a custom workday (i.e., one that is more or less than 8 hours):

  1. Calculate the desired custom accrual rate.
  2. Click Edit next to the policy on the Time Off Settings page.
  3. Click Work Schedule and enter the custom workday length (in hours), then click Save & Continue.
  4. Click Basic Policy, and enter the custom accrual rate into the Accrual Rate field.
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