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Information in Time Off Reports

Time Off reports list, by category, leave requested for current workers.

Time Taken reports include information for all current workers, and the time off policy they're assigned (if any). The report will detail, for each person:

  • Totals: All absences, and absences counted as leave.
  • Vacation/time off time: Totals, and a breakdown by category.
  • Sick Leave balance
  • Personal Leave balance
  • Uncounted time off: e.g., any leave category that is not defined as "Counts as time off", with totals and a breakdown by category. Default types are Jury Duty, Work From Home, etc.

Any categories (including both default and custom ones) that are defined as "Counts as time off" are included in the Vacation/time off columns, even if the categories are deleted in the Settings for a particular policy. This is because the reports include all policies, which may have different custom categories.
As a result, these categories may be duplicated on the report. For example, if Sick Leave and Personal types of leave are treated separately by the policy, there are separate columns with balances listed after the Vacation time off columns.

Balances reports contain:

  • Worker name (last, first)
  • Manager
  • Department
  • Time off policy name
  • Vacation Liability (does not include sick leave hours treated separately)
  • Current Vacation Balance
  • Pending Vacation Requests
  • Available Vacation Balance (Current - Pending = Available)
  • Remaining Sick Leave balance
  • Base Accrual (as hours per year)
  • Current Tenure Bonus (as days per year, according to the milestone reached most recently)

Time Off Requests report contains:

  • Worker name (first, last)
  • Worker's status
  • Policy
  • Label (type)
  • Total hours
  • Start/end time
  • Request status
  • Approved/denied date
  • Approved/denied by
  • Request note
  • Denied reason
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