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How can I request time off through Slack?


  1. Log into Slack
  2. Open a direct message to Zenefits
  3. You should see a link that says Click here to link your Slack account to Zenefits.
  4. You'll be prompted to log in, using your Zenefits credentials
  5. You should now see Zenefits as an option under your Apps section of Slack

Request Time Off

  1. Anytime you wish to request time off, click on Zenefits under the Apps section of Slack
  2. Send a message containing the keywords "request time off"
  3. Select from the types of time off sent
  4. Specify the dates of your time off request
  5. Specify how many hours you'll be requesting
  6. Enter any notes to your manager
  7. You'll be presented with a summary of your time off request before confirming that it should be sent for approval.
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