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Request time off using Amazon Alexa

  1. Log into Amazon.
  2. Search for Zenefits under Amazon’s Alexa Skills or click here.
  3. Click on Enable Skill.
  4. You will be prompted to log into Zenefits if not logged in already.
  5. Authorize Alexa to access Zenefits account. 
  6. Upon authorization, there is confirmation that Alexa has been linked to Zenefits account.

Once linking is completed:

  1. Say something like “Alexa, ask Zenefits to take time off” or "Alexa, ask Zenefits to take time off December 20".
  2. Alexa will prompt a number selection for the account reasons. Say the corresponding number.
  3. Alexa will ask the start date of the request.
  4. Alexa will ask the end date of the request (if same day, Alexa will ask the number of hours).
  5. Alexa reads back the request.
  6. Confirmation.
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