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Who receives time off requests in Zenefits?

When a worker submits a time off request, Zenefits emails the request to the individual's direct manager for approval. If they don't have a manager in Zenefits, Zenefits will send the request to the company's main administrator. At the moment, Zenefits doesn't support request notifications for multiple approvers (e.g., a manager and other HR administrator or another manager).

An individual's time off requests can be approved (or denied) by their direct manager, their manager's manager, or any administrator with Time permissions.

  • Only the individual's manager will receive a notification email for the request. The request can be approved using the links in the email or the manager's Dashboard.
  • Though the primary administrator will not be notified of a time off request if the individual has a direct manager, the primary administrator can still approve or deny the request.

If the request is:

  • approved, the requested hours will be added to the individual's  year-to-date balance and permanently deducted from the available balance. Once it's approved, administrators can still edit the request's dates, number of hours requested, and type of leave.
  • denied, the hours are returned to the individual's available balance. Once denied, requests cannot be approved and must be resubmitted.