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Blackout Dates

How to set this up:

  1. While setting up or editing vacation and personal rules, you'll see a new box for Blackout Dates. Sick is not eligible for blackout dates.
  2. You will be able to select the start and end time of the blackout dates. To save the blackout date(s) entry, click Add Date Range and Save when you are done creating the policy. You'll be able to enter as many date ranges as you want.
  3. If a worker tries to submit a request within the blackout date ranges, they will receive the following error message.
  4. The individual will be able to see the blackout date ranges under their My Policy details in the Time Off app.
  5. When an approver tries to approve a request that falls in the blackout date ranges, they will receive an error message informing them of the blackout date(s). 
    *Administrators & Approvers, have the ability to enter time off requests that fall during blackout dates. 
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