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Minimum Increments for Time Off Requests

Each type of account (Vacation, Sick, Personal Leave) on a limited time off policy in Zenefits can have a minimum increment, which is the smallest number of hours that someone can request at a time.

For example, if the minimum increment set for the Vacation account on a policy is 2 hours, workers can only submit requests for 2 hours or more.

Some things to keep in mind about minimum increments:

  • The minimum increment for any account on a policy must be less than the number of work hours per day as defined on that policy. For example, if the work day is 5 hours long, the minimum increment must be less than 5 hours.
  • If an account's minimum increment is greater than half the number of hours in the policy's work day, people will not be able to request half days for that account.
    • For example, if the minimum increment of a Sick Leave account is 5 hours, and the work day is 8 hours long, they cannot request a half day using Sick Leave. Instead, they can only choose between 5 hours and a full day.
  • If local or state laws set guidance for minimum increments of time off usage, Zenefits will warn against non-compliance with this law, but will not block the setting of a custom minimum increment that is less than the law's guidance.
    • For example, California mandates employees must be able to take a minimum of 2 hours of Sick Leave at a time. If an employee is assigned to a time off policy with a minimum increment of 4 hours for the policy's Sick Leave account, Zenefits will warn but not block this amount.
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