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Tenure Milestones

Zenefits allows administrators to reward their workers with additional time off based on how long they've been with the company (tenure). These milestones occur on the anniversary of the individual's hire date (Cannot be set up to occur on the full-time start date). Additional time off earned through milestones increases their rate of accrual. Workers will not suddenly have extra days of available time off.

Below are the steps to add milestones to your company's time off policy:

  1. Enter the anniversary number that your worker will need to reach to get this tenure accrual.


  1. Enter the number of extra days of time off that will be added to the base policy on that milestone date.
  2. Next, choose an anniversary. This will either be on their anniversary date OR the first accrual period after their anniversary date.

There can be gaps of multiple years between each milestone. For example, the policy above has 20 days of base annual time off and awards five additional days per year on the third and sixth anniversary of the hire date.

The cumulative total time off accrual rate on the date of each milestone is displayed as well. For example, after:

  • the third anniversary, they will accrue 25 days per year.
  • the sixth anniversary, they will accrue 30 days per year.
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