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Types of Time Off

Time off reasons identify types of paid or unpaid time off in Zenefits. Reasons designate specific kinds of time off that fall under the main time off categories.

Types of time off vs. time off reasons

Time off reasons that do not fall under vacation, sick leave, or personal leave will not sync to Time & Attendance.

Time off in Zenefits is broken into categories such as vacation, personal leave, and sick leave. Time off reasons exist as a part of those categories so administrators can better track time off requests.

For example, Bereavement would be a time off reason, but Personal Leave would be the category. In this scenario, Bereavement falls under Personal Leave.

*To add Unpaid Time Off, you can create a custom Not Counted, Time Off Reason. This will allow you to track time off, without it deducting from balances. To add this option, you can follow these steps: Time Off app> Settings> Types & Reasons> View or Edit Reasons> add or edit reason as 'Not Counted'.

Deleting time off reasons

If a time off reason is deleted, the reason history and any previous time off requests made using that reason will not be affected and will remain visible in the time off history.

Changing time off reasons

Similar to deleting time off reasons, if a reason is changed (e.g. if the administrator moved Bereavement from Personal Leave to Vacation) it will only affect requests moving forward and will not alter previous requests.

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