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How to Set Up Time Off Waiting Periods

Primary administrators can specify different waiting periods for each type of account under a time off policy (e.g., sick leave, vacation, or personal leave). The waiting period also allows the administrator to select whether or not workers will accrue time off during this waiting period. The steps to edit the waiting periods for a completed policy are listed below:

  1. Click on the Time Off app
  2. Under Settings, click View or Edit Vacation in Time Off Rules
  3. Input number of days for the waiting period and select whether or not the worker will accrue during that time

Administrators can set up a time off waiting period during the setup flow by using the following process.

  • After the Negative Balance section on the Secondary page in the setup flow, there is now a waiting period question that's visible.
  • Zenefits will ask the administrator for the number of days they'd like to set in the waiting period. The administrator then enters this information into the text field.
  • Zenefits will also display a checkbox asking whether or not workers can accrue time off during the waiting period.
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