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Can I assign an approver who is in a different organization or EIN?

When it comes to approving hours in Time & Attendance, you'll need to make sure that the assigned individual is in the same organization or EIN. This is because approvers in different organizations may have different pay periods, or may not use Zenefits' Time & Attendance, which would be difficult to monitor on a single dashboard view. For that reason, you'll be limited to selecting an approver  who is in the same organization or EIN, so sometimes you may need to select an approver who isn't the worker's manager.


For example, let's say Jack's manager, Rebecca, is part of a different, linked organization in Zenefits. Even though Rebecca is his assigned reporting manager, Jack's approver would need to be someone within his same organization. In this example, the approver could be Kate, since she reports to the same organization as Jack.


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