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Customize overtime settings in Time & Attendance

We have three overtime settings.

  1. Standard - based on state and federal law (Dependent on the team member's work location state)
  2. Custom - where they can modify weekly, daily, and double daily thresholds
  3. Disabled - which turns off overtime calculations for all team members (Please note that this does not mean Zenefits will cap your workers' hours)

To change your overtime settings, simply navigate to the Time & Attendance app. Select the Settings tab and choose Overtime & Rounding from the left hand navigation menu. Click on the pencil/edit icon to make a change. 

Settings can be edited for daily and/or weekly overtime customizations.

When the change is made, it will apply to ALL open pay periods. It will not be applied to past pay periods or past calculations. 

  • The Standard will follow the default rules defined here
  • The Disabled option will turn off all overtime calculations.

You can customize your overtime calculations from the Settings tab of your Time & Attendance app. Please note, customizing your overtime means we can no longer guarantee it is compliant with your state’s regulations. Only the Standard setup is guaranteed compliant. 

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