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Editing pay periods in Time & Attendance

If you sync your payroll and have pay periods that are:

  • Weekly or Every Two Weeks, make changes to your pay periods in payroll. Zenefits will sync the changes over, and regenerate your pay periods. The Time & Attendance pay period generator runs every night at 1 :00 AM.
  • Twice or Once a Month, click on the Time & Attendance app, then Settings in the top navigation bar. Changes made directly in payroll will not sync over to Zenefits.
    • Semi-monthly or monthly customers can only change their check dates and arrears. Pay period frequency needs to be updated directly in payroll.

If you are monthly or semi-monthly, the days between the end of your pay period and your check date (days in arrears) must be consistent. Time & Attendance cannot support varying days in arrears. 

If you have Zenefits Payroll, contact Support to have your pay schedule changed.

If you are using Pay Connect Reports, visit the Settings tab of the Pay Connect app to update your pay schedule.

Please note if you have multiple pay periods, this information is coming from payroll and would need to be corrected directly in payroll if it is incorrect. 

Overlapping Pay Periods

Making changes to your pay period in the middle of an open pay period may result in overlapping pay periods. This typically occurs when an off-cycle is run directly in payroll. Zenefits will pull in the new information for the off-cycle and will correct itself when it is time for the next pay period.   

When there is an overlapping pay period due to edits in the middle of the pay period, your staff may not be able to record time in the correct time period. If this occurs, they should speak with their administrator to have them record the hours on their behalf. The team member will be able to record their time as normal in the next pay period.

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