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How do I set up and enable Project Codes?

Project codes allow workers to track what tasks they are working on throughout the day so you can see how many hours are being devoted to different types of work. Setting them up is simple:

First, you'll want to make sure you've set up Projects in the Company Profile.

  1. Open the Company Profile app and select Projects from the left hand menu.
  2. Click Manage Projects.
  3. Click Enter Manually and use the interface on the next page.
  4. Click Add Row at the bottom, and type in the project name. 
  5. Then, once the project name shows up on the left, you can click into the field to its right to add a code.
  6. Project names may only contain alphanumeric characters and hyphens. Project codes may only contain up to 10 alphanumeric characters.
  7. Make sure that there are no duplicate project names or codes.
  8. Note that codes are required in order to use Projects in Time & Attendance and Zenefits Payroll.

Then, you'll assign Projects.

From the Company Profile app (preferred if assigning in bulk)

  1. Open the Company profile app and select Projects from the left hand menu.
  2. Click Assign.
  3. Using the filter panel on the left, include or exclude the desired individuals and click Next.
  4. Select one or more projects and click Submit.

From the individual worker's profile

  1. Open the Directory app.
  2. Select the name of someone who should be assigned the Project.
  3. Select the Work Groups tab, then click the Make Changes link.
  4. Select an effective date for change, then Continue.
  5. Under Projects, assign codes to each Project.
  6. Complete the rest of the steps of the flow and Confirm.

Next, you'll enable the Projects created in Time & Attendance.

  1. In Time & Attendance Settings, select Work Groups.
  2. Click the pencil icon to edit, then toggle Project to enable.
  3. Click Save.

How to enable Projects for only specific workers.

  1. In Time & Attendance People tab, select someone you'd like to use Projects.
  2. Select the Work Groups tab, then scroll until you see the Use Company Defaults checkbox.
  3. Uncheck the Use Company Defaults box.
  4. Click the pencil/edit icon and toggle Project on, then Save.

Individual workers can select project codes following the process detailed on this page.

What should I do if I receive a Missing Project pop-up while enabling project codes?

Companies that haven't set up Projects in the Company Profile will be prompted to do so. Until Projects have been set up, given a code, and assigned to workers, then Zenefits will flag an error on their timesheet.

Companies that have set up Projects but haven't assigned all of their workers can still report hours. However, any workers who do not have a Project assigned will have an error in their timesheet.

Why can my workers clock in without being required to select a Project?

Workers will be able to clock in without selecting a Project. However, it will flag an error on their timesheet as a missing Project.

Workers are able to proceed without selecting a Project.

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