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How to clock in and out with the iPad TimeKeeper app

The iPad TimeKeeper App's Clock In/Out method captures, in real-time, the exact times that people come to work, take lunch breaks, and leave work.

Click here to download the iPad TimeKeeper app from the App Store.

Workers cannot log in until after the administrator logs in first. Administrators only need to log in once, right after they download the TimeKeeper app onto an iPad. Administrators can log in to the TimeKeeper app using their Zenefits username and password. See the app in action, or read on for instructions.

  1. Workers log into the TimeKeeper iPad App by entering their name, and their assigned PIN. If they are logging in for the first time, the pin will be the last 4 numbers of their Social Security number. The pin can be customized later in the flow.
  2. Tap Clock In to start recording time. Every time someone undertakes an action (e.g., clock in, clock out, start lunch, return from lunch, switch project code), the app will snap a photo, and a popup will notify the individual of the event and timestamp.

*If a group has set up Project Codes, the person clocking in will be asked to enter a project code. You can either type in the number associated with the project code or search for it by name in the search bar. 


  1. While clocked in, workers can tap Meal Break when they take a break during their shift. If they want to clock out for the day, they can simply tap Clock Out.
    • Time for both clocking in and clocking out is calculated to the second. For example, you may see 5 .98 hours instead of 6 for a clock-in/clock-out time period of 8 :00AM to 2 :00 PM.
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