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Time & Attendance Notes

Administrators have the ability to turn on a setting that requires all approvers to provide a reason as to why they are editing the time on a worker’s timesheet. Please note that the ability to enter a note at all is not something that can be enabled/disabled. 

Administrator Instructions

As an admin, have the ability to enable a setting that will prompt the user to enter a note every time a worker’s timesheet is edited. Whether you want to be able to track these changes simply for your company or to comply with state laws, this setting is right for you! 

  1. In order to turn on this setting, you must first go to your Settings tab in the Time & Attendance app and click on Notes from the left-hand menu. 
  2. To enable the ability to edit, click on the pencil icon. Next, enable the setting by clicking on the toggle and click Save.
  3. Once this setting is enabled, anytime an approver makes a change to an entered time entry, they will be prompted to provide a reason as to why they are making the change. Please note that this is a flag that is displayed and does not require/enforce a note to be provided. 

Approver Instructions

As an approver of timesheets, you’ll also have the ability to enter a note for a worker's time entry. With the choice of whether this is displayed to the worker or not, you’ll have maximum flexibility to note whatever you need. 

  1. To enter a note on a worker’s time entry, simply navigate to the time you want to enter a note for and click on the Notes icon. If there was a note entered by someone other than the team member, the icon will be darker. Notes entered by a worker will be in the notes text box. 
  2. A pop-up will appear that allows you to enter the note. If you don’t want the worker to see the note, simply click on the checkbox.
  3. If the Notes Setting is enabled, and no note was entered for a changed time entry, the approver will see Missing Note next to the updated entry. 
  4. If the setting is disabled, the approver will not see this flag.

User Instructions

Workers have the ability to enter a note when recording their time entries. 

  1. If on the Web Timekeeper reporting method, the ability to enter a note is only available when clocking in/out. Screen_Shot_2018-06-18_at_8.38.28_AM.width-800.png
  2. If on the Self-Reporting method, notes can be edited at any point in the open pay period and up to 12 hours after the pay period ends.


The Summary report will now include two more columns - one for worker-entered notes and another for admins / managers /approver notes. No other report will include this information.


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