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Change an employee's FLSA classification

Administrators can change an employee’s FLSA classification by going to the Employment & Compensation page of their profile and making changes to their employment info.

An employee must meet all of the following conditions to qualify as exempt:

  • Is paid on a salary basis.
  • Is paid at least $35,568 per year or $684 per week.
  • Performs all exempt job duties as defined by the FLSA for each exemption category.

When you're making changes to an employee's Employment & Compensation, Zenefits will automatically set their FLSA classification based on the above conditions. It is ultimately the employer’s responsibility to correctly designate an employee as exempt or non-exempt based on applicable federal or state law.

Please note that some states set their own exemption standards. Employers must make sure they comply with both federal law and applicable state laws. 

Visit the Fact Sheet #17A: Exemption for Executive, Administrative, Professional, Computer & Outside Sales Employees Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to review the FLSA exemptions.

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