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How can I approve hours with Flexible Time Submit?

Companies using Zenefits Time & Attendance with Flexible Time Submit will notice that there is an Approve option on each day of the timesheet. Selecting Approve for a single day will approve only that day's hours, while selecting Approve Timesheet will approve all hours recorded so far for that week.

Once you've approved the hours, either daily or for the week, you'll Submit to Payroll on the Pay Periods page of the Time & Attendance app. Keep in mind that any unapproved hours will automatically approve on the approval deadline, but they will not be submitted to payroll. Once you check the box to acknowledge that you understand these notes, you can Submit the hours to payroll.

Now that hours have been submitted to payroll, you'll see that the pay run has moved to Draft (if your pay run hasn't yet moved to Draft, try refreshing the page). You can continue to edit your pay run as normal.

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