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How to approve hours in Time & Attendance

Before the end of a pay period, admins or managers should review and approve workers’ hours.

There are two options for approving hours: the quick option, and the detailed option.

The quick option:

  1. On your Pay Period page in Zenefits, check “Approve” for each worker whose hours you approve of.

The detailed option:

  1. Start on your Pay Period page in Zenefits.
  2. Select the name of the worker — this will take you into their timesheet.
  3. Review their hours, make and changes and clear up any issues that you need to, then check “Approve.”

Once an admin or approver approves a worker's time for the pay period, the worker will not be able to enter any more time for the pay period. For this reason, admins and approvers should make sure to wait until the pay period ends before approving time.

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