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Reading the Approve Hours Table in Time & Attendance

The Approve Hours table lists the workers who have entered time for the selected pay period and a breakdown of those hours by category. Here's an explanation of how to read the table.

Though administrators will be able to see a list of all workers in the table , approvers will only see those workers for whom they are set as the designated approver.

  1. List of any workers who reported time for the selected pay period.
  2. Breakdown of hours worked in the period by category. Click on the column heading to sort each column and view in ascending or descending order.
  3. Click the calendar icon to review and edit time for individual days in the period for a single worker.
  4. Click the circle in the Approve column for each worker to approve or unapprove time for that individual worker.
  5. To bulk-approve or bulk-unapprove all workers hours at once, click the circle at the top of the Approve column.
  6. Use this text box to search for the worker by name.
  7. Use the dropdown to filter your view by type of hours (e.g., PTO, holiday, overtime) or alerts (e.g., missed clock outs).
  8. Click Download XLSX to export a preformatted Excel spreadsheet with hours data for the selected pay period.
  9. A smart alert may display above the Approve Hours table, serving as a reminder as to when hours will be pushed to payroll (for synced companies). To close the reminder, simply click the Dismiss link.
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