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Approval deadline

With an approval deadline, administrators can determine how long approvers have to approve hours. Choose between 12 hours and 5 days as your deadline, which begins at the end of the pay period. If you are using Zenefits Payroll, you will be required to have a 12 -hour approval window. For synced companies, this deadline dictates when reported hours will push to your payroll provider.

Example 1

  • If the end of a company's pay period is April 15, and the administrator has set a deadline of 2 days after the end of period, then hours must be approved by April 18  at noon.

Example 2

  • If the end of pay period is on a Friday, and the administrator sets a deadline of 12 hours after the end of the pay period, then hours must be approved by the following Saturday at noon.
  • Even if hours have not been approved by the approval deadline, they will still be pushed to payroll (as entered) to ensure that people are paid on time.
    • Any discrepancies found after the hours are pushed must be taken up directly with the company's payroll provider.
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