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Extra pay in Time & Attendance

In this part of the setup process, administrators can select whether they wish to pay hourly workers for company-scheduled holidays. If you are using Zenefits Payroll, you will not have this part of the setup process because Zenefits will consider all holidays paid based on the worker's Time Off policy.

If you're using a third-party payroll, administrators can also complete this process in the Paid Holiday section under the Time & Attendance Settings tab after setup is completed. If you choose to pay your staff on holidays:

  • Zenefits will automatically add hours in Time & Attendance for the holidays specified in the Time Off policy assigned to each individual (using the Zenefits Time Off Tracker).
  • The number of hours paid for a holiday is determined by the number of hours in a workday as defined in the Time Off policy assigned to each individual.
  • Holidays are paid as full days, not partial days.
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