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Payroll review in Time & Attendance setup

The first step in setting up Time & Attendance is payroll review, where you'll be asked for basic payroll info. If any information is already pre-populated, double check that it's correct.

First, you'll be asked about your pay periods.

Pay Period Frequency and Dates

  • If the company has a weekly or biweekly pay frequency, just confirm the correct date for the start of the next pay period in Zenefits.
  • If the company has a monthly or semi-monthly pay frequency, confirm the correct date for the first pay day of the month (if monthly) and the second pay day of the month (if semi-monthly).


  • For monthly and semi-monthly pay frequencies, confirm the number of days between the end of each pay period and the date that your workers get paid (sometimes known as a check date). Up to 15 days can be selected in the drop-down menu.
  • Zenefits only supports companies who have a consistent number of days in arrears. If a pay schedule has a fluctuating number of days between the end of a pay period and the check date, it cannot be supported in Zenefits.
  • If you are using Zenefits Payroll, there must be at least 7 days in between the end of the pay period and the check date. 

First Day of Workweek

  • Employers must select the first day of the work week during the initial setup. This needs to be done regardless of what kind of pay frequency they have. Additionally, overtime calculations are based on this day, so it should line up with the team's schedule.

Payroll Sync

  • During the setup flow, if you use either Gusto or Intuit Full Service Payroll, choose whether or not to sync the hours to those providers. You can also sign up for Zenefits Payroll as your provider.
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