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How do I set up a semi-monthly pay schedule in Zenefits Payroll for hourly workers who use Time & Attendance?

Here's an example of how to set up a twice-monthly pay schedule in Zenefits Payroll for hourly workers who use Time & Attendance.

  1. Choose All Hourly as the group to whom Zenefits should assign this schedule.
  2. Enter a custom name for the pay schedule. Otherwise, it will be listed as with the default name, e.g., "All Hourly Workers" on individual pages.
  3. Select Twice a Month for Pay Frequency.
  4. Select the Monthly Check Dates. Default dates are the 15th and last day of the month. Choose "Other" to select custom dates.
  5. Set the weekend and holiday rule to tell Zenefits Payroll how to shift a pay date if it happens to fall on a weekend or holiday when banks are closed.
    • Choose Before to pay on the Friday before the weekend, or the day before the holiday.
    • Choose After to pay on the Monday after the weekend, or the day after the holiday.
  6. Select a First Check Date from the list. Each available date will fall on the same day of the week paid, e.g., Friday.
  7. From the list of First Pay Periods, choose the one that ends seven days before the date of the First Check Date. This should be the first one in the list.
  8. Review the future pay periods and pay dates, and click Add to finish.