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How to Set Up the Zenefits iPad Timekeeper App

  1. Purchase an iPad (must be Apple, no other type of tablet is supported) running on iOS 9.0 or later.
    • The iPad will need to be either wifi or cellular enabled at all times in order to accept punches.  
  2. Visit the app store and download the Zenefits Timekeeper app for iPad.  
    • iPad Timekeeper can only be used on iPads, not iPhones.  
  3. Once downloaded, click into the app.  You or another Authorized User will be prompted to login with your Zenefits credentials to activate the app.
    • Any admins who already have the “Time” permission set will not need to be added as authorized users, they will be by default
    • Should the app lose connectivity at any point in time, it may sign out and employees won’t be able to access iPad Timekeeper until the app is logged into again by an Authorized User.  
  4. Once activated, you will see a list of employee names.  This list will include all employees who are set to “Reporting” with the iPad Timekeeper reporting method in Time & Attendance.
  5. To clock in, employees should follow these instructions

Other helpful information: 

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