Entering Hours in Time & Attendance

Workers have several different methods for entering time in the Time & Attendance product depending on whether they're using the Timekeeper platform or the app, as well as the kind of time they are logging.

How to clock in and out with TimeKeeper on the web

Clock InLog in to your Zenefits account.Select the 'Time & Attendance'  app .Under the Timekeeper section, you may see the option to select a 'Project'  from the drop down menu.... Learn more

How to clock in and out with the iPad TimeKeeper app

The iPad TimeKeeper App's Clock In/Out method captures, in real-time, the exact times that people come to work, take lunch breaks, and leave work.Click here to download the iPad... Learn more

Self-report in/out times in Time & Attendance

To self-report in/out times in Time & Attendance: Log in to Zenefits, select Time & Attendance from your dashboard, and select “Enter Hours.” In your timesheet, find the d... Learn more

Self-reporting your total hours in Time & Attendance

To self-report hours in Time & Attendance: Log into Zenefits, select Time & Attendance from your dashboard, and select “Enter Hours.” In your timesheet, find the date you ... Learn more

Can I edit a worker's time sheet?

Administrators or managers can edit time for both current and past pay periods. Here’s how to edit time in the current pay period: Start on your Pay Period page in the Ti... Learn more

How to log out of the TimeKeeper app

To log out of the TimeKeeper app, use the process below: Once an administrator logs out, workers will not be able to clock in and out using TimeKeeper until an administra... Learn more

How to edit hours in Time & Attendance

Web Timekeeper/iPad Timekeeper:If you are a worker that clocks in/out in real time through the iPad or your personal dashboard/mobile app, you will be unable to edit your own ti... Learn more

Time & Attendance Notes

Administrators have the ability to turn on a setting that requires all approvers to provide a reason as to why they are editing the time on a worker’s timesheet. Please note tha... Learn more

Time & Attendance Geolocation

Zenefits Time & Attendance gives administrators the option to have workers share their location when clocking in/out through their mobile device. When enabled, it will ask the w... Learn more

Using Project Codes

1. From the Zenefits website, on your dashboard, click Time & Attendance. From the Zenefits mobile app, tap Time Clock.2. On the website, select the project that you will be wor... Learn more

Why can I only log time in 30 minute increments in Zenefits Time & Attendance?

The Time In and Time Out drop down with 30 minute increments are there to help you save time! If you're entering a clock-in or clock-out time not on the 30 minute mark, just typ... Learn more

Why don't I see my project codes listed?

If you don't see the option to select a project code when clocking in, but you had them previously, you may need to take an extra step to enable them.In Time & Attendance Settin... Learn more

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