Approving Hours in Time & Attendance

All hours into Time & Attendance can be reviewed, edited, and approved by primary administrators and designated approvers.

  • By default, the direct manager is the designated approver in Time & Attendance. Administrators can also change the designated approver for individual workers if desired.

  • Administrators can review, edit, and approve hours for all staff members. If an hourly worker is also listed as an administrator, they will be able to edit and approve their own personal timesheet

To give approvers more or less time to approve hours, start by visiting your Settings page. On the left, select Approving Hours and then the pencil icon. Choose how long approvers have to approve hours and Save.

  • For companies who don't use Zenefits Payroll, the approval deadline can be set anywhere from 12 hours to 5 days after the end of the pay period.
  • For those with Zenefits Payroll, this approval period is fixed at 12 hours after the period ends, and cannot be changed.

By default, only administrators can log into the Timekeeper app. Normally, workers cannot use Timekeeper to clock in and out until the administrator has logged on. However, administrators can authorize additional users to log into Timekeeper by following these steps:

  1. Choose Settings in the Time & Attendance app.
  2. Go to the iPad TimeKeeper Permissions section, and click on the edit icon.
  3. Type in the name of the user(s) to receive login authorization.
  4. Click Save.
Please note this ONLY gives the authorization to log into the iPad Timekeeper app. This does not give permissions to the authorized user to edit or approve time or view sensitive information. 

The Time & Attendance experience is generally the same for both primary administrators and approvers, with some exceptions:

  • Only administrators can set up Time & Attendance or modify company or per-individual  settings like reporting method.
  • Administrators that are also workers, will be able to edit and approve their own personal timesheets
  • Approvers can review, edit, and approve time for only the team member for whom they're designated as approvers. By default, a worker's direct manager is designated as their approver.

Time & Attendance supports four types of hours for approval. Depending on the type, hours are entered manually by workers, or automatically by Zenefits.

  • Regular Hours: Workers enter or clock in their regular hours.

  • Overtime: Time & Attendance will automatically determine which of the hours entered by a worker should be marked as overtime in accordance with state regulations.
  • Time Off: For companies who also use Time Off Tracking, hours requested and approved hours in Time Off Tracking will sync to Time & Attendance.
  • Holidays: For companies who have Time Off policies with paid holidays, these hours will be added automatically in Time & Attendance for individuals on these policies.

For companies who sync Time & Attendance and payroll, all hours will be pushed at the deadline if auto-approval is turned on. If auto-approval has been turned off, it is up to the administrator to manually push the hours to payroll.

Time in Zenefits Time & Attendance can be set to round to the nearest five, ten, and fifteen minute increments. You can also round to the nearest minute which is the default. 

  • For five minutes, you would always round to the nearest, based on two minutes and 30 seconds. 
  • For 10 minutes, always round to the nearest, based on five minutes. 
  • For 15 minutes,  can round up or down to the nearest 15 minutes, as long as the employer is following the seven-minute rule. 
Rounding will not be applied to any workers set to the reporting method of Self-Reporting-Total hours. 

How to tell a time entry is overnight

When entering or reviewing one's timesheet, there is a column that will illustrate a moon and stars. By clicking this box, Zenefits will automatically consider the time entry as an overnight shift.


Overnight 1

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