The kinds of hours that can be approved in Time & Attendance

Time & Attendance supports four types of hours for approval. Depending on the type, hours are entered manually by workers, or automatically by Zenefits.

  • Regular Hours: Workers enter or clock in their regular hours.

  • Overtime: Time & Attendance will automatically determine which of the hours entered by a worker should be marked as overtime in accordance with state regulations.
  • Time Off: For companies who also use Time Off Tracking, hours requested and approved hours in Time Off Tracking will sync to Time & Attendance.
  • Holidays: For companies who have Time Off policies with paid holidays, these hours will be added automatically in Time & Attendance for individuals on these policies.

For companies who sync Time & Attendance and payroll, all hours will be pushed at the deadline if auto-approval is turned on. If auto-approval has been turned off, it is up to the administrator to manually push the hours to payroll.

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