Flexible Time Submit

Flexible Time Submit is a feature available to companies that use both Zenefits Time & Attendance and Zenefits Payroll. Administrators can now approve hours by day, instead of waiting for the work week to end. These daily hours will then be pushed to payroll, allowing admins to run payroll without having to wait for the end of the pay period.

What's the benefit of this feature?

Administrators can now approve hours for hourly workers according to their team, instead of waiting for the Zenefits system to close the pay period. This is especially important for banking holidays, because it means that administrators can approve their hourly employees' timesheets without pushing back the check date.

How can I approve hours with Flexible Time Submit?

Companies using Zenefits Time & Attendance with Flexible Time Submit will notice that there is an Approve option on each day of the timesheet. Selecting Approve for a single day... Learn more

How can I make edits to a timesheet once I've submitted hours early?

Once you submit hours to payroll, any adjustments to these hours must be made directly in payroll. This also applies to hours that are submitted early. Edits made to hours that ... Learn more

What happens to the rest of the hours in the pay period if I submit the timesheet early?

Once hours have been submitted early, you will need to manually create and run an off cycle to accommodate for any unpaid hours for the remainder of the pay period. This is why ... Learn more

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