Getting Started with Time & Attendance

Zenefits' Time & Attendance tool simplifies time-tracking by streamlining the time entry and approval process for workers who report their hours. Zenefits automatically pushes Time & Attendance hours to payroll for companies with either Intuit Full Service Payroll or Gusto. Companies without payroll sync can generate manual reports to update their payroll systems. Time & Attendance ensures compliance with state overtime regulations, and feeds hours into the ACA compliance product.

Time & Attendance in Zenefits is not DCAA compliant.

Syncing Time Off with Time & Attendance

As long as an employer has set up the Time Off app, changes made in the Time Off tool will sync to Time & Attendance. First, make sure you have completely set up the Time ... Learn more

Time & Attendance compliance with state overtime regulations

Time & Attendance helps administrators comply with overtime requirements by pre-configuring basic overtime calculations directly in the system. Below is a chart that sets forth ... Learn more

Staying compliant with state meal break requirements

The requirements surrounding meal break compliance vary by state. To ensure that you're staying compliant, check out the Department of Labor webpage where all of these federal a... Learn more

Time & Attendance International Availability

At this time, Zenefits Time & Attendance does not support international workers. Only workers who have a U.S. location will be available to use the feature. Learn more

Changing the start of the work week

Click on Time & Attendance app.Click on Settings from the top navigation bar.Select Overtime from the  left-hand  menu .Click on the pencil icon to edit.Select the first day of ... Learn more

Time Changes with Time & Attendance

Zenefits Time & Attendance system will automatically calculate and account for the extra or lost hour when there is a time change.For example, during the fall when the time drop... Learn more

Understanding Nevada Overtime Rules with Time and Attendance

As outlined below, Nevada has certain state specific requirements for employers regarding overtime calculation and eligibility. Please note that this page is only meant to act a... Learn more

How to Set Up the Zenefits iPad Timekeeper App

Purchase an iPad (must be Apple, no other type of tablet is supported) running on iOS 9.0 or later. The iPad will need to be either wifi or cellular enabled at all times ... Learn more

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