Reviewing and Approving Hours in Time & Attendance

Administrators and approvers have the ability to quickly and easily review, edit, and approve time entries using Time & Attendance. Regardless of how workers have reported their hours, all of the hourly information is accessible through Zenefits.

How to approve hours in Time & Attendance

Before the end of a pay period, admins or managers should review and approve workers’ hours. There are two options for approving hours: the quick option, and the detailed o... Learn more

What if I don’t approve hours?

What happens to hours if you do not approve them by the deadline will depend on your approval settings. There are two approval settings, automatic and manual.If you are on the a... Learn more

When do I need to approve hours?

You should approve hours by your company's approval deadline. The deadline is noted on your Time & Attendance Overview page (just under the calendar), and at the end of the... Learn more

Approving Hours For Administrators

1. As an administrator on the Pay Periods page, you will now see an option to manually remind approvers that have not yet approved hours. Please note that all approvers will sti... Learn more

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