How to set up Time & Attendance

To set up Time & Attendance, open the Time & Attendance app on the Zenefits Dashboard, and complete these steps.

  1. In Payroll Review, provide the company's Pay Frequency, Start of Pay Period, and first day of the workweek.
  2. Choose the Time Reporting Method that workers should use:
    • Workers can Clock In/Out either using:
      • iPad Timekeeper App
      • Zenefits Website
    • Workers can Self Report and either provide:
      • Start and End Times
      • Total Hours
  3. Define the Approval Timeline (unless you use Zenefits Payroll) and set the number of calendar days after the end of a pay period so the approvers who approve time sheets have to submit their approval.
  4. Review the overtime laws for the states that apply to the workers at the company.
  5. On the Extra Pay step, decide whether or not to offer paid holidays.
These Time & Attendance settings can be modified at any time after setup.

Payroll review in Time & Attendance setup

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Extra pay in Time & Attendance

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