Well-being FAQs

Only full time or part time employees will have access to Well-being. At this time, contingent workers will not have access.

No, you are not able to customize the reminders to take an assessment. The default is a month from the last time you took an assessment.

At this time, life events that trigger articles cannot be customized. There is a preset list of events for which recommendations are sent out.

How can I access data around article traffic?

At this time, there is no administrator level data surrounding article views. You are able to see score bands for each assessment as well participation status.

No, at this time all active employees of a company will have access to the app's content.

The Well-being content is not able to be downloaded or exported, however, feel free to save using the Print screen preview.

During the first iteration of Well-being, there will not be any Console resources available. You  can reach out to the Thrive team with any questions that you cannot answer. Keep in mind the Thrive SLA.

Well-being tracks your performance on these assessments over time to best tailor the article suggestions you receive. This way you can see how you've improved on these subjects over time. However, you always have the option to ignore the reminder and choose not to take the assessment if you do not wish to.

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