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EDI implementation process

Learn how Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) implementation process looks like.

EDI implementations typically take between 8-12 weeks to complete. Exact timelines vary depending on several factors including carrier processing timelines, unique file requirements, and how quickly TriNet receives responses from your company and/or the carrier(s).  

During EDI Implementation, you will be asked to do the following:  

  • Review and confirm the policy numbers in TriNet are identical to carrier records, updating TriNet as needed.  

  • Provide TriNet with the EDI file specifications for all carriers. Your carrier will be able to provide this to you. 

  • Provide contact information for i) your carrier’s Account Manager EDI and ii) any EDI analysts who will be working on EDI setup. 

  • Provide a carrier enrollment census (the one that shows enrollments on the carrier’s system). 

  • Provide the name of a company admin who will be responsible for responding to and reconciling any questions and/or errors the carrier raises regarding your EDI file(s). 

Until EDI implementation is completed, eligibility changes need to be handled manually by you and/or your broker. TriNet will continue to send you fulfillment tasks with the eligibility data needed to enroll/terminate employees directly with your insurance carrier(s). You can learn more about fulfillment tasks in our Help Center:  

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