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How does TriNet Perks integrate

TriNet Perks, Using the power of scale to give you and your employees access to thousands of discounts and corporate rates.

What is TriNet Perks?

TriNet Perks, powered by Abenity, offers all TriNet clients and their employees access to thousands of discounts and corporate rates that may not otherwise be accessible to small and medium-size businesses. You and your employees will enjoy access to  discounts and preferred pricing on a variety of items and experiences, from pizza and movie night to your next great adventure.

TriNet clients can also request to promote offers for their own product(s) or service(s) in TriNet Perks, with potential exposure to more than 300,000 users.

How does TriNet Perks work?

Powered by Abenity, TriNet Perks provides access to corporate-level discounts and preferred pricing on a variety of purchases, from dining, travel and entertainment to beauty, clothing and technology.

TriNet clients and their employees can access it by logging into the TriNet platform and selecting TriNet Perks from the main menu.

Setting up a Trinet Perks Integration

Trinet Perks app comes pre-installed in the dashboard of Admins and company Employees.


Below is the information that will be shared with TriNet Perks:

  • Basic company account information
  • Basic Information
  • Work email addresses
  • Employment status

Using the TriNet Perks Integration

The TriNet Perks app shows up in your main administrator dashboard by default. You can use it by clicking it and then selecting Manage. In the integration, you'll be able to see which employees are synced in TriNet Perks, manage them in TriNet Perks through the Manage option, or disconnect TriNet Perks from TriNet through the Disconnect option.

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